• SLICED SEASONED MEATS: ham and “cinta sienese” pig (salami, fennel flavoured salami (finocchiona), loin of pork (lonza), cured neck of pork (coppa), lard.

  • SMOKED FISH: smoked sword fish, Norwegian smoked salmon.

  • VEGETABLES: all types of boiled vegetables (spinach, chicory, turnip greens, Sicilian broccoli, etc) Roman artichoke, chicory tips with marinated anchovies, artichoke and fennel salad, roast vegetables.

  • BOLETUS MUSHROOMS: (from May to September). These can be tried with fettuccini, roast, flash-fried, baked with fish in the oven, served with polenta (a thick maize porridge) and in many other ways.

  • ROYAL AGARIC (Ovuli): ) (from May to September depending on the season) raw as a salad or cooked in a wood burning oven with au gratin potatoes.

  • WHITE TRUFFLES: (From May to September) excellent with fettuccini or risotto as it is on meat with eggs or on pizza.

  • GAME: during the hunting season venison and wild boar served with polenta.

  • TOP QUALITY BLACK TRUFFLE: From January to April.

  • EXQUISITE PIZZERIA PRODUCED IN A WOOD BURNING OVEN: where you can try apart from the classics - marguerites, napoli, etc specials with smoked sword fish, “pescatore” style, with white truffle and many more…

Besides these, we have our DESSERTS and FRUIT: Homemade, some of which are baked in the pizzeria’s word burning oven. Our desserts include: Tiramisu, an orange flavoured ice-cream cake, baked cream with wild fruits, trifle, crème caramel, a black cherry tart, apple cake and fruit tart.

We also have wonderful home made ice-cream.
Prato Cantuccini’s (a type of nut biscuit) with Vin Santo (a sweet white raisin wine).

FRUIT: All types of wild fruits ( bilberries, red/blackcurrants, raspberries, blackberries, wild strawberries), exotic fruit and out of season, we have pineapple flown in from abroad.


The paste and curdling of cheese are two of the fundamental secrets of a successful product, and the cheese has to pass very careful and severe selection. Over the months it seasons on the shelves in the cellars, only the best forms will be chosen for the next, and without a doubt, more suggestive seasoning in a cavern.
The cavern is an extremely particular “Grotto” dug into the ground (tuff and clay) to which one gains entry through a trapdoor; inside the temperature is maintained at 5/6° and humidity is a characteristic of this place. The seasoning begins by placing the cheeses, which are wrapped in cloth, at the back of the cavern, the walls of which have been covered with hay and aromatic herbs to enrich the aroma of this unusual cheese even more.
At this point, the trapdoor is made air-tight with cement and for 100 days, the cheese seasons in an air-free atmosphere giving rise to an anaerobic fermentation, and the herbs begin to decompose and this is where the magic begins. Every year at the end of November the caverns are opened and now an incredible thing can be seen. When the trapdoor is opened the sacks of cheese are covered in layers of white mould… fascinating. In actual fact this isn’t really mould, but yeasts which form in the absence of oxygen. The forms of cheese having undergone the seasoning process are no longer of a regular form, as they were at the beginning of the process, but each one is different from the other, deformed, squashed… and, in fact, these are the best!
The ‘luckiest’ cheeses, which are usually found in the middle of the cavern and which for a mechanical reason begin anaerobic fermentation first, have the much loved and desired natural marbled effect.
The Ovillis Ambrosia, for this is the name of our underground sheep’s milk cheese(pecorino), are kept on shelves in a grotto where the process of the yeast oxidation begins and it is here that the external colour of the cheese changes from white to dark brown or black. The cavern is a great gift of history which is both unique and unrepeatable. It is situated in a building which dates from 1600 and at one time was used as a snow storage house, that is a place filled with snow in order to conserve food and keep the pantry above it cool.
Ovillis Ambrosia is a pure sheep’s cheese, with an intense full-bodied taste and has innumerable uses in the kitchen, from hors d’oeuvres to first courses, from stuffed fresh pasta to desserts and sweets elaborated with this incredible and unique cheese.
As far as its coupling with wines is concerned, we suggest aged red wines or a passito wine (wine made with dried grapes) produced with a type of fungus.

Weight 1.5/2.5 Kg
Sheep’s milk
Seasoned for 3 months in the cavern
Pecorino 12/20 months old

  • THERE ARE MANY OTHER SPECIALITIES: they can be found in our “Menu” section.
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